Our Services

We offer the following services:

  • Licensing and Testing (Vietnamese Import Regulation)
  • Distribution
  • Product Sourcing
  • Marketing/ Merchandising/ Promotion
  • Business Introductions
  • Industry Tours

Our services are applicable to both NZ and Vietnam, and include other South East Asian countries. However if you are looking to source or sell a product from any other country, we still may be able to assist you.

Licensing and Testing

The licensing regulation and testing criteria for products imported into Vietnam are very strict, and doubly so for food and body care products. We can provide assistance with this process to allow you to get your product(s) to market quicker and with reduced costs.


We have access to distributors and retailers throughout Vietnam and the wider South East Asian region who specialize in imported products. Compared with regionally produced products the price of New Zealand & Australia manufactured goods is generally very high, so it’s important to select channels that deal with ‘premium’ brands.

Product Sourcing

If there is a particular product type you would like to source, we are able to assist clients in all these countries New Zealand, Australia and Vietnam. We have ‘locals’ on the ground in both countries with knowledge and access to a wide range of business sectors.

Marketing/ Merchandising/ Promotion

Not sure what to say about your product? We can translate to and from both Vietnamese and English, and have an understanding of what sounds good to consumers in either language. If you require brochures, posters, displays, signs or web-design, we have business partners in both countries who can assist with this.

Business Introductions and Industry Tours

We can arrange face to face meetings with potential suppliers or customers in either country, and advise on the business culture and expectations prior to any meeting. If you would like an industry tour to get a feel of the culture and to meet potential suppliers, we can arrange fully escorted tours including flights, accommodation, transport, translators and visas. We can do this for 1 to 100+ people.

If you want to have a company conference some place exotic, then let us know…some of the locations are amazing, and more affordable than you think.